V-Day Western

Love & Rage


As part our fundraising campaign, V-Day Western also sells a variety of products. Drop by one of our booths or our office in the Peer Support Centre if you want to take a look at our full inventory.

1. Buttons

Small Buttons

Big Buttons


Small ($1)                                                           Large ($2)

-hand-made by the V-Day Western Team
-other colours and designs are available

2. Pussy Pops
Pussy Pop, Plain Chocolate      Pussy Pop, Sprinkled

Plain Chocolate ($2)                                       Chocolate with Sprinkles ($3)

3. Vulva Art

vulva art1     vulva art2

-painted and donated by Jess G.

4. Patches

-screen-printed by the V-Day Western team

5. Clothing


T-Shirts ($10)

Tank Tops

Tank Tops ($10)

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long Sleeve Shirts / Sweaters ($15-20 sliding scale)

-screen-printed by the V-Day Western team
-other colours, designs, and clothing styles are available

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